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Can you help? We are collecting information and pictures about past traders in Cottenham. Businesses, shops etc. If you have anything please contact the secretary by email.



August 2017

Our village walk during the summer was very well attended despite the heavy showers and the members enjoyed the afternoon tea. Continuing the food theme our annual summer party once again was thoroughly appreciated. Thanks to our president who welcomed us to her garden.

January 2017

Tamsin Wimhurst told us the story of the"The David Parr House".A house off Mill Road in Cambridge that has changed little since it was decorated by a man who worked for a company that had connections with Willaim Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement.

October 2016

Gerald Gifford gave us a very well executed performance on his own harpsichord. It was themed on the collection of music of Lord Fitwilliam in the museum in Cambridge as it is the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Museum. Gerald is Honorary Keeper of Music at the Fitzwilliam. We are priviledged to have this 'son' of Cottenham return to his home village to entertain us.

June 2015

We held a display of pictures of old shops of Cottenham at the Fen Edge Family Festival. There were many over the last 100 years or so. You can find some of the photographs on our Community Archive Website.

October 2014

The Society was entertained by music and talk at our October meeting. The Cottenham Choral Society c.1850 - c. 1920 - its history and music” was described by Ralph Carpenter and Gerald Gifford.

Cottenham was well endowned with composers and musical people in the 19th and early 20th century among them William Porter whose music we have heard played by Gerald Gifford at this and another meeting a year ago. The musicians were mainly non conformists as the village had a very high proportion of dissenters at this time. Julie Groves booklet dicusses the history of religion in this period.



Are you interested in tracing your family history? If so the society may be able to help you find your Cottenham ancestors. Contact us through our email

If you live locally and wish to have help with researching your ancestors whereever they lived you may attend monthly sessions at Cottenham library. We meet on the third Monday in the month from 7pm to 9pm. Please enquire at the library or phone Cambridgeshire libraries on 03450 455425.



The Cambridgeshire Project has been collecting information about World War I in our area, ready for the 100th Anniversary of the start of WWI in 2014.There is a display which has been touring Cambridgeshire and there is a booklet on local and European connections. For further information go to the web page below.

Do you have any information about local connections with WWI. Did anyone in your family write a diary during the First World War? We are interested in happenings at home during this time. Please contact us at



The village society Cambridgeshire Community Archives Network group continues to add digital archive pictures and recordings and video clips of the village to this site. To view the pictures please go to In the menu click on group list and then on the next page select Cottenham from the menu.

If you are interested in joining the archive group. Please contact Glynis, see the contact information below.


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Miss Anne Wright

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Other Committee Members:

Rob Clarke, Roger Lee, Sarah Crissal, Vanessa Summerhill and Liz Milway



Interested in joining the Society?

If you would like more information, please contact Glynis Pilbeam

Membership of the Cottenham Village Society costs £10 per year. Visitors are welcome to attend meetings at a cost of £2 per meeting.