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Twenty-five years ago Francis Garrett wrote a book entitled Cottenham: A Glimpse into the Past. It was part of the Cottenham Village Society's contribution to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Francis was already well known for his double act with Mervyn Haird; these two gentlemen have been entertaining Cottenham with their slide show and history presentations since 1962.

The Village Society, in celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee, published a new book Cottenham in Focus: A Pictorial History, based upon these presentations. The book has been arranged so that it can be used either on a walk down memory lane or as a handbook to accompany a stroll around the village. Our intention is to enable readers to juxtapose today's streets with bygone Cottenham.

Copies are still available to purchase from the secretary


To view sample pages from the book click here.

Other publications by the Village Society:

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  8. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, Monumental Inscriptions:
            The Dissenters' Cemetery (1991/92)
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  17. Cottenham Dissenters (2013)


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